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Plan your perfect day-hike or camping trip and explore the same beautiful north woods trails we enjoyed this week. 


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COVID Camping
in Michigan - Week Six

SEP 20 TAHQUAMENON FALLS (sounds like tah-KWA-men-on)

Last night we were packed and even had the van backed up to a perfect alignment with V-Jer’s (our T@B 400 Camper) hitch. This morning all we had to do was raise V-Jer’s (T@B 400) landing gear and lower V-Jer’s hitch onto Saturn’s (our Ford Van) hitch ball. We mated V-Jer and Saturn by 8 am, a speedy record. With no Walmarts to slow us down, we reached the Tahquamenon Falls State Park (sounds like Tuh-KWA-min-non) within two hours, only to find out there weren't any sites available for the four days we needed.


There were, however, three available campsites in the State Park Rivermouth Unit,15 miles away. If we hustled to the Rivermouth Unit, we might be able to make a claim. And hustle, we did. The Rivermouth Unit is right on the Tahquamenon River, where it flows into Lake Superior, thus Rivermouth. The sizeable Tahquamenon River cuts a wide swath through the wilderness, then turns lazy on the last 16 miles to Lake Superior.


Rivermouth Campground has two sections, a Rivermouth-modern area with electricity and a Rivermouth-rustic area, a semi-primitive section without electricity. After a few nights of frost, Tom and Babs opted for electricity to utilize an electric heater they had for their trailer. We all chose the modern side.


Later that day, we discovered the primitive sites spread along the river bank were quite beautiful, while the modern loops were confined and crowded. Dratz! As soon as our credit card transactions confirmed payment, a giant high pressure stalled over Ontario, giving us four days of unseasonably warm weather. Wanda and I thanked Tom and Babs for choosing the expensive electric sites and assuring warm weather for all of us. They are true-blue camping buddies.


The Tahquamenon Falls are two distinct falls four miles apart, Lower Tahquamenon Falls and Higher Tahquamenon Falls. Today we visit Lower Tahquamenon Falls. Usually, Michigan gives superb viewing access to its waterfalls - until today.