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Travel The World On A Dime


Hey travel buddies, Dave and I are living proof that traveling abroad doesn't have to break the bank on flight tickets! We're all about finding creative ways to explore the world and sharing our budget-friendly travel hacks.

A Gentle Reminder

This is our travel hacking story, and the best card for you depends on your travel habits and priorities. The information provided regarding flight deals and frequent flyer programs is subject to dates used. It is not intended to be professional advice or guaranteeing specific results. Please research whether the information aligns with your travel goals and spending habits. We hope our stories inspire you to explore mileage-boosting options and take flight on amazing adventures!

  • 2018: Europe round-trip tickets for two at $250.

  • 2020 & 2021 & 2022: Mexico round-trip tickets for two $216.24.

  • 2023: Munich on a one-way whim! This year, we set our sights on Germany and snagged one-way tickets from Chicago to Munich for a mere $149.80 each. We're living it up with family in Munich, RVing our way around Europe until March 2024. 

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Hacking The Skies With Frequent Flyer Miles!

Buckle up, because we're diving into our travel hacking playbook, sharing our personal experiences with frequent flyer airline miles and loyalty programs. Don't worry. This isn't rocket science – these basic steps work for any airline!

Travel Hacks with Miles include:

  • Frequent flyer programs: We'll share the frequent flyer program we picked for each trip and why.

  • Miles mysteries: We'll reveal how many miles we used for each destination.

  • Fees & taxes: No surprises here! We'll tell you what you can expect to pay in fees and taxes on top of your miles.

  • Insider benefits: Get ready to hear about the cool perks we enjoy thanks to airline miles (think complimentary checked bags and lounge access).


Planning A Mexico Trip in 2022

Planning A European Trip in 2023

Join Us For More Tips & Trips

Do you have questions about catching amazing deals, racking up those precious airline miles, or navigating the world of airline sign-up bonuses? We're always ready to chat travel, and share our best tips.

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So, what are you waiting for? Let's explore the world, one adventure at a time!

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Planning A Mexico Trip in 2022

Planning A European Trip in 2023

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