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In 2014, Europe stole our hearts! My sister, Diane, and her husband, Heinrich,  took us on an unforgettable RV adventure exploring Holland, Germany, France and Austria. We were hooked on living on the road, overnighting at quaint villages, touring historical castles, and discovering European pastries! Fast forward to 2019, we were back at it, but this time, we ventured beyond the familiar charm of Europe. We marveled at serene Buddhas in Thailand, got swept up in the vibrant chaos of Indian markets, and soaked in the rich cultural tapestry of Mexico. Each destination leaving us with unforgettable memories and a yearning to explore more.

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Already Got Airline Miles, but not Enough?

Stick around and learn how we transferred airline miles for two one-way tickets to Germany from Capitol One Air Venture to a brand new Air Canada Aeroplan account.

New to the Airline Miles Game?

No worries! Click the button below to access a step-by-step guide we created just for you, which is packed with helpful tips on how to choose the right credit cards and earn airline miles. The guide uses our trip to Mexico as an example. Here's what you can expect to find when you tap the For Beginners >> button:

  • Step 1: Pick a Credit Card With a Signup Bonus  

  • Step 2: Double Down on Miles With Bonus Offers 

  • Step 3: Strategic Spending for Maximum Miles 

  • Step 4: Be a Savvy Traveler

  • Step 5: Best Article On Canceling Credit Cards

No United MileagePlus Miles? No Problem!  

Dave and I were excited to go on a trip in 2023 to Bavaria and visit the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle, explore the colorful streets of Nuremberg, and experience the authentic Oktoberfest celebrations. However, our MileagePlus account did not have enough airline miles to book the trip. Fortunately, we have a Capital One Venture Card account with its one-of-a-kind point transfer system that transformed 80,000 points into Bavarian memories before we could say 'Prost!' 


Star Alliance Saves the Day!

United Airlines is not a direct transfer partner on the Capitol One Venture Card's airline partner network. However, United is a member of Star Alliance, a global network of 26 airline partners.

The cool thing is that other airlines in the Star Alliance network are on Capitol One Venture's partner list and this allowed us to transfer airline miles directly from our Capitol One Venture Card account to a Star Alliance airline member and use those miles to book a flight from Chicago to Munich.

Here's the step-by-step guide on how we pulled off this travel transfer hack for two one-way tickets to Germany.


Points, Planes, and Pretzels

Air Canada, United, & Capital One:

A Multi-Airline Miles Trick

STEP ONE: While planning the trip to Europe, we used the Capital One Venture card to earn airline miles for our flight tickets. We found this card to be a perfect fit for our needs as it allowed us the flexibility to transfer points to other airlines within the Star Alliance network, giving us more options for planning our route. Additionally, the card offers a generous sign-up bonus of 75,000 miles after spending $4,000 in the first three months, and we earned 2 miles per dollar on all purchases, which helped us accumulate airline miles quickly. As a result, we had 85,000 airline points in our account, ready to book two one-way tickets to Germany.

STEP TWO: Check the Capital One Venture list of partners and compare it with the Star Alliance Global Network. Is there an airline on both lists that departs from Chicago?

YES! and YES!

Air Canada is on both lists and has a Chicago to Munich, Germany schedule.

Air Canada, United, & Capital One:

A Multi-Airline Miles Trick

STEP THREE: Go to the Air Canada website and join Aeroplan (see tab on the upper left side). Joining Aeroplan is free. You'll receive a unique Aeroplan Member ID during registration. Keep it close; you will need this number when transferring the airline miles from Capital One Venture to your new Air Canada Aeroplan account.


Check how many miles this trip will require:

  • Go to the Air Canada website and enter your desired travel dates and destinations.

  • Select the "Book with Miles" option.

  • Air Canada will show you the number of Aeroplan miles required for desired flight.

  • Note the Member ID and miles required and go to Step Four.

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Air Canada, United, & Capital One:

A Multi-Airline Miles Trick

STEP FOUR:  Initiate Miles Transfer

Once you have an Aeroplan Member ID and the required airline miles, you are ready to transfer them to the Aeroplan account.

  • Log into your Capital One Venture Card account.



  • Locate Air Canada Aeroplan on the list


  • Enter your name and Aeroplan Member ID and specify the number of miles you wish to transfer.

  • Tap TRANSFER 80,000 miles - the amount we needed for two one-way tickets to Munich, Germany.

Air Canada, United, & Capital One:

A Multi-Airline Miles Trick

STEP FIVE: We have enough Aeroplan airline miles in the new Aeroplan account to book two one-way tickets from Chicago to Munich, Germany.


Our flight plan:

  • ORD to BOS on United Flight #UA1549.

  • BOS to MUC on Lufthansa Flight #LH425

  • Cost: Two one-way tickets $149.80 (fees and taxes)

  • Airline Miles: 80,000

  • Baggage: one 50lb bag per person, complimentary

  • TSA Precheck: automatic

  • United Lounge pass: Two complimentary passes

TIP: Follow the baggage requirements of the airline you're flying. In our case, we checked the website for both United Airlines flight #UA1549 and Lufthansa Airlines'  flight #LH425 to check their carry-on and baggage weight requirements. All is good.

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One-Way Tickets?

Don't Panic. Plan With Backups.

Sun, Sangria, and a Surprise Scramble Home

Who says getting stuck abroad has to be stressful? As seasoned adventurers with an ambitious European itinerary, we were prepared for anything - even an unexpected detour. That's why we took a gamble on two one-way tickets to Germany. Here's the twist: it wasn't about a fixed return date but about possible open-ended adventures, cheaper options, or last-minute emergency plans.

Our Epic European Spree

Our six-month dream trip involved roaming Europe in an RV, soaking up the Spanish sun in a Barcelona Airbnb, and finally, a transatlantic cruise ending in sunny Florida. But life is full of surprises. With a backup plan in mind, we started looking for mileage solutions for a surprise return trip.


How Aeroplan is

Transforming Our Travel Game

Is This the Best Travel Card Ever?

Halfway there with our United miles, we couldn't resist the siren song of the Air Canada Aeroplan card. 100,000 bonus points? Plus, airport lounge access and free checked bags? Sign us up! We were already planning on exploring and enjoying ourselves, so why not earn rewards, too?

New Member Welcome bonus?

Triple check! 75,000-point bonus (that's $1,125 in travel!) after spending $4,000 within just three months. Yes, please!


Plus, we had a full year (365 days!) to earn an additional 25,000 points (worth $375) after spending $20,000 in purchases simply paying everyday bills and travel purchases.

A global network of flight options?

Double check! Air Canada partners and codeshares with 45+ partner airlines that accept Aeroplan airline points, which means flexibility at its finest. Check out Aeroplan's rewards chart for easy planning.


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Hold on, the perks don't stop there!

Air Canada's Aeroplan is practically overflowing with benefits: 3x bonus miles on groceries, free checked bags, and even complimentary airport lounge access - a lifesaver for long layovers! All for an annual fee of just $95? It was a no-brainer!

One-Way Tickets, Aeroplan Magic, and Zero Regrets!

So, why two one-way tickets to Germany? We used the Aeroplan points to book our initial flights, knowing that with this card, we could adjust our plans as needed. Think last-minute detours, extended stays in dreamy locations, or even an impromptu flight home if required - we did try to avoid that.

Be a Savvy Traveler.

We love airline miles, but let's be honest: annual fees can leave your wallet feeling lighter than your carry-on. So, we found a travel hack that keeps our wallets happy and our miles soaring. Once we use the card enough to get those bonus miles, we tuck it away and then cancel in two years.

Switching to Aeroplan for Faster Rewards

We're switching gears and focusing on Air Canada's Aeroplan Advantage program. This program allows us to earn points faster with their monthly bonus miles and enticing yearly promotions. This means we'll use our existing MileagePlus miles while accumulating Aeroplan miles for future adventures.

Best article on canceling credit cards

Here's a friendly tip: Banks might raise an eyebrow if you frequently close accounts within a year. To avoid losing future sign-up bonuses, keep your accounts active for at least two years.

Never close your credit cards before the 1-year mark


A Gentle Reminder

This is our travel hacking story, and the best card for you depends on your travel habits and priorities. Please research whether this card aligns with your travel goals and spending habits. We hope it inspires you to explore your mileage-boosting options and take flight on amazing adventures!

P.S. This is not a sponsored post; it's just genuine excitement about a travel tool that helped us navigate our adventure!

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