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Laundry Ninja Spin Dryer

REVIEW: During COVID, we explored the Southwestern United States for four months, and the Lavario washer was an indispensable part of our camping gear. We purchased a portable washer & spinner to maintain our COVID-conscious responsibility to social distance by avoiding laundering at public laundromats. After being on the road for seven weeks, I learned a lot about washing clothes using different campsite potable water, spinning and drying clothes, and keeping them smelling fresh. Doing laundry for two people turned out to be a fun project. Once we figured out a routine, the laundering time averaged 20 minutes daily.

NINJA RV PORTABLE SPIN DRYER. We decided to purchase the Ninja RV portable spin dryer to spindry the clothes, making line drying the clothes faster. The portable centrifugal spin dryer is electric but only uses 350 watts for 2 or 3 minutes. Our Ford Transit 150 van's inverter is 1200 watts, which works fine even on battery power.

DIRECTIONS: Take the clothes out of the Lavario wash basket and evenly place each piece in the spin dryer. Turn on and hold a few moments to ensure the basket spins evenly. (If not, stop the spin and rearrange clothes. Restart). Once the spinner is in high gear, spinning at 3200 RPMs, it will only take 3 minutes.
Stop the spin, take out the nearly-dry clothes, shake out, and hang them on the clothesline to air dry. Fold and put away.

Laundry Ninja Spin Dryer
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