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humangear STAX Interlock Containers
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REVIEW: Space Saver Saviors: Humangear STAX in Our Tiny T@B 400 Fridge

Living the RV life is amazing, but storage space can be a real challenge, especially in the refrigerator. In our T@B 400, every inch counts, and those condiments and salsa bottles were major fridge hogs! Enter the humangear STAX, the stackable snack containers that have become our space-saving heroes.

Vertical Snacking Victory!
We have two large STAX containers. One contains ketchup, relish, mayonnaise, and crushed garlic, while the other contains taco salsa, sambal salsa, sour cream, and mustard. The medium STAX features horseradish, French mustard, crushed garlic, and mayonnaise. These STAX containers stack beautifully, taking up minimal space on the refrigerator door shelves and freeing up the main shelves for actual groceries.

STAX are space-efficient, leakproof, and super versatile, making them a must-have for any organized adventurer.

These aren't just fridge ninjas. The STAX containers click together securely, making them ideal for tossing in your backpack or picnic basket. The ClipHandle attaches to the lids, so you can grab and go without fumbling. Plus, they come in fun colors, which might seem insignificant, but a little pop of color brightens your day.

A Must-Have for Tiny Fridge Dwellers. If you're looking for a way to maximize space and minimize mess in your RV fridge, the humangear STAX are a game-changer. They're versatile, leakproof, and portable, are also perfect for everything from road trip snacks to organized picnics. Plus, they're just plain cool.

humangear STAX Interlock Containers
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