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Corelle Splendor, Dinnerware Set
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REVIEW: Dinner Dates on the Road

Calling all fellow RVers who crave a delicious home-cooked meal after a long day of exploring! Let's face it: one-pot meals get old after a while. When we're hooked to city water and don't have to ration every drop for dishwashing the Corelle Splendor dinnerware set has everything we need for an RV gourmet meal experience.

This set includes four dinner plates, four dessert plates, and four soup/cereal bowls – perfect for a complete meal.

Thanks to their special chip and crack-resistant design, these dishes are practically unbreakable.

We're all about packing light, and these dishes are champions of space efficiency. They stack neatly, occupying half the space of ceramic dishes, and fit perfectly in our camper trailer cabinets.

So, if you're looking for a dinnerware set that can handle the bumps, tumbles, and occasional fumbles of RV living, we highly recommend checking out the Corelle Splendor!

Happy travels, and happy eating!

Corelle Splendor, Dinnerware Set
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