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Collapsible Largest Collapsible Bowls
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REVIEW: Ditch the bulky dishes! Space-saving magic for your RV kitchen with HYDAWAY's collapsible bowls!
HYDAWAY's ingenious collapsible bowls save precious cabinet space

These space-saving wonders transform from a 1-inch flat disc to a full-sized bowl in seconds, holding a whopping 950ml – perfect for your main course or even Fido's water dish.

They are built to last, crafted with sturdy stainless steel and resilient silicone, made with food-grade materials, and completely free of harmful chemicals like BPA, phthalate, PFAS, and plastic pollutants.

The glossy interior repels gunk and stains, making them a breeze to clean (dishwasher-safe too!).

Collapse them down to practically nothing and stash them anywhere! Pockets, backpacks, cabinets – they fit just about anywhere.

Happy travels!

Collapsible Largest Collapsible Bowls
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