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RV Odyssey

Castles, Cheese, and Cheers in Europe.
Have you ever dreamt of exploring Europe in your own home on wheels? Buckle up because that's exactly what this website is all about. Join us on a journey where every country holds a new adventure.

The spark ignited in 2014 with my sister Diane and her husband Heinrich and an unforgettable RV adventure across Holland, France, Germany, and Austria. Witnessing their European escapades firsthand piqued a deep desire for us to explore different cultures and soak up the richness of each land.

But wait! This is about more than just ticking off tourist spots. It's about immersing ourselves in the exceptional experiences of RV travel in different countries.

So, grab your favorite travel mug, brew a cup of wanderlust, and settle in. You're about to embark on a journey where castles whisper tales of knights, cheese shops fill your senses, and Bavarian brews bring sudsy cheers - one RV mile at a time.

Buckle up and choose your adventure! Select your country of choice below, and hit "Read More" to embark on a European dream. Let the adventure begin! Prost!

To access our recent 5-month RV trip to Europe, select "ALL" countries and choose "2023" as the year. The journey starts with a summary of our Wisconsin summer just before hopping across the pond for a Bavarian adventure.
Today, we're whisked away to the outskirts of Munich, Germany, once the summer home of the Wittelsbach dynasty, rulers of Bavaria for centuries. This magnificent Baroque palace offers a glimpse into Bavarian royalty's opulent lives and loves. Nymphenburg was built in 1664 as a summer escape for Bavarian rulers. Over centuries, different monarchs added their touches, shaping the palace into the masterpiece museum it is today.
Munich, Germany






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