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Hit the Road with Us!
European RV Travel Stories

Do you dream of exploring Europe at your own pace?  This web page is about our 2023 RV travels across Europe. Join us as we wind through Europe's Schengen Zone, immersing ourselves in the unique cultures and hidden gems Europe offers!


It all began in 2014 when my sister Diane and her husband Heinrich took us on a fantastic RV trip through Holland, France, Germany, and Austria. That trip sparked a love for RV travel that continues to this day. 


But wait! This is about more than just ticking off tourist spots. It's about immersing ourselves in the exceptional experiences of RV travel in different countries.


So, grab your favorite travel mug, brew a steaming hot cup of "Let's RV Europe," and settle in. Select a country and click the red button Today's Travel Story and discover Europe in a Class C Motorhome with us.

To access our latest 22-week trip through Europe, select "ALL" countries and select the year "2023". This journey starts with a summary of our Wisconsin summer before hopping across the pond for a Bavarian venture.

The gorgeous Schloss (Castle) Moyland is complete with a mote.
Düsseldorf, Germany






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