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Passionate About
Inspiring Others
To Travel More
 Dave and Wanda Zuege
We are retired. We are T@B 400 Road Travelers. We are Globetrotters. We are storytellers. Join us and receive free travel stories.
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Passionate About
Inspiring Others
To Travel Europe
Diane and Heinrich Marz
My sister, Diane, moved to Germany in 1964. Soon after moving, she met Heinrich, and they married. Diane and Heinrich also love to travel, and they spent decades exploring Europe. About ten years ago, they decided that they wanted to live on a boat. Heinrich went to sailing school, and together, he and Diane started looking all over Europe for a suitable sailboat but nothing affordable that was in decent shape materialized. Consequently, they switched gears and bought a "land-boat," that is a Recreational Vehicle (RV). A very impressive class C RV built on a sturdy Mercedes diesel chassis.
At the same time, Diane and Heinrich also purchased a base-camp cottage in St. Germain, Wisconsin, allowing for more family visits while enjoying the woods and lakes of northern Wisconsin. The family visits worked well for all of us. Wanda and I have a small portable pontoon boat, and the four of us hit just about every lake and reservoir in northern Wisconsin during their summer visits to St. Germain. When November finally arrives, we head to Europe for some family RVing. 
Diane is a terrific itinerary developer. Heinrich, a retired engineer, keeps everything in running order and customizes every piece of equipment he gets his hands on. Wanda is the webmaster, and I take the photos and keep a journal of our travels. We're an effective team.


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