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The Kentucky & Tennessee Travelogue
From Bourbon Trails to Civil War Echoes
This road trip winds its way through the rolling hills of bluegrass country, where bourbon flows freely and southern hospitality reigns supreme. We'll explore the depths of Mammoth Cave, delve into the echoes of the Civil War at historic battlefields, and wind our way through charming towns bursting with local flavor. Get ready to discover the wonders of Kentucky and Tennessee, from music to historic battlefields, and maybe even a dip in some natural wonders! Buckle up (virtually, of course), and let's hit the road!

So, grab your virtual travel mug, fill it with sweet tea (or your favorite beverage!), and prepare to be charmed by the beauty and hospitality of Kentucky and Tennessee. We'll share destinations, personal stories, and tips to make your southern adventure unforgettable.
Calling all RV travelers looking to explore Tennessee and Kentucky! We've got you covered. Our easy-to-use filters help you find the campsites we stayed at, including maps of those must-see destinations. Plus, all our maps are downloadable so you can navigate offline without worrying. To top it off, we've included links to all the campsites we visited, making booking a breeze!
Life is short, the open road is calling. Start planning your unforgettable Tennessee & Kentucky adventure today!
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