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Paper Towels Roll, Self-Adhesive
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REVIEW: Under-Cabinet Towel Savior

Let's face it: kitchen towels are essential but can take up too much counter space.

This handy holder mounts discreetly under your cabinet, keeping your precious counter space free and your window view unobstructed.

Made from sturdy SUS 304 stainless steel, waterproof, rustproof, and strong enough to hold even the biggest paper towel rolls (and bonus, it can also hold plastic wrap!).

But wait, there's more! This holder isn't just for paper towels. Hang anything that fits – dish towels, hand towels, or oven mitts. Plus, its sleek design blends seamlessly into any kitchen style.

This holder offers two installation options: super-strong adhesive tape for a damage-free approach or drilling for extra security. We opted for the tape, and it's been holding up perfectly for four years.

It's worth noting that the bar length is 13 2/5 inches, so make sure you have enough space under your cabinet. Also, avoid rough surfaces like wallpaper or painted walls for optimal adhesive strength.

It's easy to install, saves space, and keeps your paper towels or kitchen towels within easy reach. Plus, it's multi-functional and affordable – what more could you ask for?

Paper Towels Roll, Self-Adhesive
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