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The road again beckons. At 6:13 am, we aim southeast for Virginia and North Carolina with a return to Wisconsin at the end of November. Our original plans were to prolong warmer weather and follow Fall's Colorama. However, our travels soon revealed that the story of Virginia's origins is also the incredible story of the birth of America.  

  • In 1607, English colonization began in Virginia with Jamestown, which would become the first permanent English settlement in North America. (Painting on the left is the marriage of Pocahontas to John Rolfe and his tobacco empire.)

  • The American Revolution: Numerous Virginians played key roles in the Revolution, including George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson. (The middle painting is the surrender at Yorktown and the start of America as an independent nation.)

  • The Civil War: Virginia was a significant battleground for Union and Confederate forces, where more than half the battles were fought. (The far right painting is the trench-war, hand-to-hand battle of the Civil War.)


My sister and brother-in-law, Diane and Heinrich, from Germany, are coming to Wisconsin for a two-month visit starting in July. It is our intention to sneak in a short 4-week exploratory venture before they arrive.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll call the area below the UP, the Lower Peninsula or LP. Hooked together, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron drape over the entire LP of Michigan.

To prepare for the trip, I booked most of our campsites online. We are trying something new on this trip. Last year we joined the Harvest Host (HH) organization. This  is

Week One


Week Three


Week Three
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