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2014 RVing Holland

My sister, Diane, and her husband, Heinrich, reside in Germany. They have a wonderful Mercedes Class B RV Camper, and invited us on an RV vacation around Holland, Germany, and Austria. Our travel addiction begin here.


Europe 2014: Day 1


We landed in Dusseldorf, Germany on June 8. My sister and brother-in-law picked us up at the airport in their RV. We started our tour below sea level in Holland and ended our trip well above sea level in the Austrian Alps.


We were a bit awestruck this first day. I don't have a lot of information about these photos, except that they were taken near the German-Holland border. By the time we landed and got settled in the RV, much of the day had already passed. We still got some interesting photos in, Xanten, a small German town; and of the Castle Moyland, a castle in Bedburg-Hau, another German community. Both sites are just a few miles (oops, I mean kilometers) before the border.  

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Europe 2014: Day 2


In America, a building 50 years old is often given up to the wrecking ball. Europeans love to preserve. A building 200 or 300 years old is just getting seasoned. In Holland, many windmills, built in the 1600s are preserved. There are groups that still work them as specialty sawmills, grist mills, etc. Thatched roofs (usually over clay tiles) are still very common in Holland. And Holland has canals everywhere. Most canals are connected and many boats use them. Everyone and I mean everyone, in Holland manicures their yard with amazing flowers. 

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Europe 2014: Day 3



Amsterdam is the Venice of northern Europe. With a dense network of canals weaving through old-world neighborhoods, water taxis are a great form of transport. Although Amsterdam has awesome world-class museums, the whole city (actually all of Europe) is one giant delightful museum. Linguistically, Holland is a great country for Americans to visit as everyone speaks good-old midwestern American English. We did not encounter one person in all of Holland that wasn't a talented multi-linguist.

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Europe 2014: Day 4



PRISTINE equals HOLLAND. During the entire week that we spent in Holland, we did not see one run-down house, cluttered yard, or un-manicured lawn and garden. We didn't see one car with a spot of rust. Every road, from autobahn to single lane back road, looked and felt like it was laid down just last week, just for us. (I understand that the roads are paved 3 or 4 times thicker than our roads with a far deeper roadbed). The infrastructure is immaculate.

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Europe 2014: Day 5


Today, we drove over one of Holland's longest and most important dike. The Afsluitdijk Bridge is a 32-kilometer-long dike that keeps the ocean from inundating much of Holland. Afterward, we visited several sea towns along the northwest coast of Holland, north of Amsterdam, including Sneek, Urk, and Harlingen. 

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Europe 2014: Day 6


This was our last day in Holland. One final word on Holland. As lovely as Germany and Austria are, Holland has a polish and sheen that may be unmatched anywhere. The infrastructure (roads, bridges, canals, streets, sidewalks, bike paths, buildings, and public toilets) is meticulously maintained. The whole country, every yard, farm, and house is in perfect repair. It is uncanny how pristine the entire country is.