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2014 RV Germany

My sister, Diane, and her husband, Heinrich, reside in Germany. They have a wonderful Mercedes Class B RV Camper, and invited us on an RV vacation around Holland, Germany, and Austria. Our travel addiction begin here.

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Europe 2014: Day 7


We are nearly halfway through our tour. We were following the Weser River in Germany. The first stop was Hameln. This town is where the Pied Piper legend originated. In 1284, according to the town's legend, Hameln was full of rats that were probably responsible for a plague.

The Pied Piper said he'd get rid of them for a price. The town agreed and the Pied Piper did get rid of the rats. The town mayor, however, stiffed the Pied Piper using the bogus premise that the Pied Piper filled the town with the rats in the first place so he could bribe the town to get rid of them. In retaliation, on June 26, 1284, the Pied Piper took nearly all the kids as ransom. Apparently, the Pied Piper and the kids were never seen again.

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Europe 2014: Day 8


As we continued to follow the Weser River, we started the day by visiting Hannoversch Münden, a town about the size of our hometown, Stevens Point, Wisconsin (pop. 25,000). Like Hameln's Pied Piper legend, Hannoversch Münden has Dr. Eisenbarth. In the late 1600s and early 1700s, Dr. Eisenbarth seems to have been a controversial figure. Technically, Dr. Eisenbarth wasn’t a doctor, but the practice of medicine was pretty loose back then.

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Europe 2014: Day 9


There are a lot of German cities that have remnants of their original medieval walls that surrounded and protected the city core. But Rothenburg's wall in Bavaria, built in the 1200s, is complete and wonderfully preserved. All the gates, towers, and arch passageways are magnificent.