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From Merida Mexico


Chicxulub is ground zero when most dinosaurs and much of the rest of life on earth was wiped out 66 million years ago. The story goes that an asteroid the size of a mountain traveling  40,000 miles an hour slams into Earth with an explosive yield estimated at over 100 trillion tons of TNT.

Day 25 - Tuesday, February 27, 2018. We will arrive home sometime early Friday morning around 2 am. I have a band gig that night and need to get serious about practicing. I spent most of the morning going through the tunes but got bored around 11 am. Earlier in the week, we looked for a colectivo to Chicxulub, and eventually found it tucked away in a walled-in parking lot. However, I learned there are two Chicxulubs: Chicxulub and Chicxulub Pueblo. One is a tiny resort village on the ocean near Progreso Mexico, and the other is a town about 15 kilometers inland. I knew this, but I had the two mixed up so when we were ready to hop in the Chicxulub Pueblo colectivo, I double-checked to make sure this was going to the ocean. It wasn’t.

Thank goodness I checked. There didn’t seem to be any transportation linking the two Chixulubs so we would be stuck in Chixulub Pueblo. We quickly switched to Plan B, which was to take the Progreso bus to Progreso and find a bus or colectivo to Chicxulub from there. This plan worked out flawlessly except we couldn’t find a beach in Chicxulub. It was all small hotels and condos lining the oceanfront with little public access to the oceanfront. The entrance we did see wasn’t very appealing, so we flagged down the bus back to the big public beach in Progreso. By this time we were sweltering, and the water was terrific. Unfortunately, after dragging Wanda’s sun-tent along, the wind made it impossible to set up. We made sure to goop up a lot and just enjoyed the water for a refreshing dip.

After the swim, we went to Eladios for Mango Margaritas and tapas. The $55 peso margaritas were ginormous, and the tapas were yummy but not quite as plentiful as our last visit. Still, it was a great beverage and a snack break.

We got back to the Airbnb reasonably early to start the packing process for home. Tomorrow is our last day.

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