Tza-ujun-kat Cenote

Homun Mexico

Day 24, Monday, February 26, 2018. (za-oo-hoon-kaht) We wanted to snorkel one more time, in our favorite nearby cenote Tza-Ujun-Kat or Kat was in Homun. We didn’t want to do the whole moto-taxi tour. Instead, the plan was to snorkel cenote Tza-Ujun-Kat then eat at Las Palmas which is just a ½ block away.

The plan worked great. Cenote Tza-Ujun-Kat is beautiful underwater and ideal for snorkeling. The temperature outside was a hot 90 degrees, and the cold cenote water was refreshing. It was fun to see the look on Las Palmas owner’s faces as we strolled up to get another chicken and rice dinner. I raved about their chicken soup with the bow tie pasta, so they gave me an extra bowl. Sweet! All-in-all, it was another terrific day in the Yucatan Peninsula.

When we returned to Merida, we purchased our round-trip bus tickets to Celestun for Wednesday. The 2nd class Oriente bus was the only bus company servicing Celestun. That means we would get to see every little town and village along the way. We topped the evening off with a paleta from “Jugos, Helados Y Paletas Janitzio,” a shop at Plaza Grande known for the best paletas in the area. Their selection was endless and burst with pure fruit flavor.